Help to Educate and Feed the Chipembere Orphans

By making a small monthly or yearly contribution you could help to feed and educate a child.

Chipembere Orphanage is situated at Chipembere Base Camp in the village of Chimphanga.  It was established to help alleviate financial burdens on families that have taken in orphaned children.  These children have either lost their parents to AIDS or other illnesses due to poverty.  The financial burden on surviving family members is extremely high due to unemployment.  The orphanage was originally established to help Chimphanga Village. 

We have now incorporated another six needy villages as follows:

Ngwiriza Village                

Khondo Village           

Siki Village                  

Mzondola Village       

Mandizwa Village      

Chitumba Village

Nyantana Village


Forty-eight children are supported at the orphanage on a feeding scheme where the orphanage provides meals; most of these children are surviving on one meal a day. 

Forty of the children attend the local school and we believe that the future of these children rests in the ability to educate, motivate and empower them to become inspired and productive citizens.  Most of them have great dreams and all they need is someone to help them realise their dreams.  Where necessary, uniforms and stationery requirements have been provided to ensure the children fit in with their peers.  We visit the school once a week to find out about their progress, any special needs required, e.g. whether extra reading is required. Most importantly, we need to make sure that children are attending school everyday; if the children are sick, we try to help as best as we can.  Below is a list of all the children at the orphanage. in the shade at Chipembere 

Christmas 2009 for the orphans exchanging gifts at Christmas  Gifts for All 

If you would like to sponsor or help one or more of these children please contact Adele .

Or use our Just Giving link at the top right of the page and make a monthly donation, which will be used to support the orphan programme.  


            Akesi Dave                    Chisomo Standford              David Mathews    


 Dyeni Patrick                         Elisha Austen                    Binga Sunde  


        Ethil Bingala                          Evas Sinode                          Finias Juma  


       Jessie Williams                        Flora Phiri                       Joseph Sammange    


  Kalongo Jazz                     Kuleza Finias                         Meza Matalabasi  


               Lisa                       Lupiya Ndafermanjanga          Mabvuto Kawawa    


         Malita Sande                     Marko Raphael                     Mercy Sadao    


        Mishek Austen              Mphatso Magkungwa          Mawywawo Sande  


        Ndiyani Jazz                        Patricia Phiri                          Petro Gauti


       Samusa Moffat                   Summa Sinode                    Taoneka Fyson  


       Tomasi Yohane              Chikumbutso Standford          Windikani Sande  


  Yaji Standford                    Ruth Fraser                      Verson Kambwemba  


           Patricia Kambwemba                  Number Watson                     Mboyi Evason


                                            Elube Jass                          Silla Petrosi


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