Transport: Conservation depends on Reliable Transportation

We are certain that conservation is as much about construction, maintenance and transport as it is about education and research; therefore, we need a heavy duty vehicle that can go anywhere. With another 4x4 Vehicle we can:

  • patrol the reserve and fence lines;
  • transport baobab and mopane seedlings from our nursery to the reserve in larger quantities;
  • transport the workers and their daily water
    supply into the reserve;
  • transport staff in temperatures of 35+ deg C. Using the Land Rover to transport trees
  • transport patients to the hospital;
  • collect supplies from Blantyre -135km away. 

And much more - give lifts to the villagers when we’re going into town for supplies, drop off children at school and even act as an ambulance if required. So, whether it’s carrying game scouts with spot lights and rifles, children or trees it’s worth its weight in gold!

Cost - £25,000

This is our current means of transport for staff and materials into Mwabvi. Transporting workers and materials into the reserve











PAW: Promoting environmental conservation and development in Malawi.

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