Conservation Projects at Mwabvi

We have several projects underway at Mwabvi!  Have a look at some of the work we are doing and you will see that when you donate to PAW, your money is being invested in Mwabvi wisely. Nyala in the undergrowth

  • The Wildlife Protection Zone

    The Wildlife Protection Zone

    The Wildlife Protection Zone inside Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve is our exciting new project for 2009 - 2011. We need to protect the animals that still live at Mwabvi. And we also want to reintroduce others to a safe area, while we work in the longer term to protect the whole reserve. Mwabvi is a very fragile area, with people and farms...more

  • Preventing Loss of Biodiversity

    Preventing Loss of Biodiversity

    Fire Prevention Man made fires started deliberately, or accidentally, are a major threat to biodiversity at Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve, and to the population of ancient trees. They can affect the whole reserve each year. We have made plans for a project: To test new fire fighting procedures and systems and improve/create...more

  • Providing Permanent Water Supplies

    Providing Permanent Water Supplies

    Access to water for animals, and for safe, clean water for humans is a permanent problem. The Lower Shire River area is in the Great Rift Valley around 200 feet above sea level. The whole area is crossed with tributaries of this mighty river but they are dry most of the year. If we can create permanent water supplies for animals,...more

  • Transport


    We are certain that conservation is as much about construction, maintenance and transport as it is about education and research. And for these we need a heavy duty vehicle that can go anywhere. With another Land Rover we can: catch the poachers; transport baobab and mopane seedlings from our nursery to the reserve in larger...more

  • The Fence

    The Fence

    We can’t fully restore and secure the survival of Mwabvi without a fence to go around the Reserve. Mwabvi used to be the home of the Black Rhino, and in order to bring it, and other animals, back we need to be able to protect them from people and to protect people in neighbouring villages from the animals in the Reserve. The fence is...more




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