The Fence at Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve

Our exciting new project for 2010 - 2011 is the Reserve Fence of Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve. We need to protect the animals that still live at Mwabvi. And we also want to reintroduce others to a safe area.

Mwabvi is a very fragile area, until we can build perimeter roads around the reserve we cannot stop local people walking or driving through. Our plan is to construct alternative roads around the reserve for the locals to use. This is for their protection as once the reserve fence has been erected the BIG 5 will be introduced into the reserve.

Timing is critical!

We want to construct this fence as soon as possible so that the translocation of animals to the area can take place in 2011. We also want to protect the game already in the reserve.

What do we need to do?

The Reserve covers an area of 135 km2  and needs a game proof fence of up to 120 km in length, with solar electrics around the perimeter. We have already talked with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and local people and secured agreement to the idea and the actual plans. And we have surveyed the fence line. The next step is to clear the actual line and the 10 metre buffer zone which acts as a firebreak and safety zone for animals and people.

After that, we need to bring in the fence from South Africa, including the solar electric system, and the special tools we need. Then we need a team of around 30 men to erect the fence posts and wire 'strands'. Finally we add the 5 electrified strands of wire and erect the 6 solar panels to supply the power. 4 local men will be trained to maintain the fence line and help with basic repairs. That's another 40 people we are giving a secure livelihood to.  

Can you help us?

This is an Amazing Opportunity for Mwabvi - and we are offering free visits for you if you help us with a larger donation! Just get yourself to Blantyre and we will collect you and look after you, and a friend/partner. See each donation for more details and contact us for more information?

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£5,000 will transport the fence - bring 3 friends and  stay with us for 4 days to check on progress 


£1,000 to sponsor a lodge cabin -  a week's free stay in your cabin  included!


£500 to have a road named after you ! -  (eight available) - stay with us for 2 days for the naming ceremony


£250 will pay for a section of fence with your name on a wooden plaque


£300 will pay for a house  near the fence for a linesman and his familly (four available)


£75 will buy the tools for the job and a framed photo to prove it!


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