Support Mwabvi

  • Fundraising

    Become a PAW Ambassador! We are always looking for new ways to raise money for PAW! You can get involved with one of our activities in the UK, but wherever you are in the world you can help! We’ve created an Ambassador’s pack for you to download full of information about us, ideas for fundraising and standard...more

  • Challenges

    Summer 2011 In April 2009 we ran a small challenging bike ride in Malawi and a 3 day trip down to Mwabvi to see our conservation work. In 2010 a group of PAW ambassadors spent a week in Malawi, spending two days at Mwabvi to meet the lion cubs and see the newly opened Njati Lodge in the heart of the reserve, as well...more

  • Raise Awareness

    We would like lots more people to know about Project African Wilderness and what we are doing. Can you help us by telling all your friends about us. Maybe you could have a party to raise funds and awareness, or persuade the company to work for to hold an event. Here are some awareness-raising ideas that people have been involved in...more

  • Gifts with a Difference

    Give a gift that will make a difference! PAW has a range of charity gifts available to suit all age ranges and all budgets. PAW charity gifts help raise funds for Project African Wilderness and offer an alternative to your average gift choice. By doing so, you are helping to support environmental and economic change...more











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