Volunteering in Malawi

We're waiting to hear from you in Malawi and now taking volunteers and offering training courses at Mwabvi!

The latest news from our Malawi colleagues is that they are gearing up for more volunteers for 2010 onwards and want to hear from you! Some information below will give you a taster of what is available.

The costs vary depending on how long you want to stay and what level of work and experience you can offer, they are always good value for money and both positive and unforgettable experiences!

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Background information and ideas for you:

Working Volunteers

Volunteers will be involved in some of the following activities including:

- Basic Conservation Training while in the Reserve, assisting with building of new game viewing roads and repairing damaged roads from the rainy season, surveying fence lines of the Mwabvi Reserve and construction thereof. 

- Waterhole game counts, game walks and game drives, night drives.  Fence line patrols and repair if necessary.  

- Assisting in the day to day operation of our new lodge and Migudu camp site. 

- Assisting with the ongoing research in the Reserve.  Assisting with any injured or orphaned animals at the rehabilitation centre. 

- Working with the locals in the Orphanage Programme.  Conservation education programme with the local inhabitants. 

Educational Volunteers (Field Guide Courses)

Mwabvi Reserve can offer various educational courses with a certificate on completion.  All accommodation and study material supplied.  Some of these courses will include:

A basic Field Guide Course Level 1

Trails Guide

Big 5 mammals of Southern Africa

Basic Conservation

Lodge Management

Wildlife Management

Animal Tracks and Signs of Africa

Behaviour Guide of Herbivores, Carnivors and Primates

Basic Survival

Volunteer Students (Practicals and Thesis, etc)

Mwabvi Reserve offers students facilities to complete their practical studies and Thesis in our Reserve at a very competitive price which includes accommodation and transport around the Reserve by qualified staff.  This also includes visiting and or studies on our upliftment programme with the local inhabitants i.e. hospitals, orphanage, etc.

If you just want to visit:

Our campsite at Migudu just inside the reserve entrance is now open and you can:

  • Drive through the Reserve (or we can arrange a game drive for you!)
  • Camp in the Reserve at Migudu Campsite with water, an ablution block and game viewing platform
  • Rough camp at Mwabvi campsite near the gorge 
  • Hire a local guide for bird watching and game spotting activities

And from February 2010 you can stay at our comfortable self catering en suite chaletes at our small lodge near the Mwabvi Gorge!

If you would like further details on any of the above please contact the Malawi team for the latest details.





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