Raise Awareness

Garden Party in aid of PAW

A Garden Party was hosted by PAW Trustee and arc4 Director, Helen Brzozowski, on 3rd August 2009 which raised £800 for PAW on the day!  There was a raffle, a competition to guess the number of miles around the Reserve, handmade goods, and fabrics from Malawi for sale. A big thanks to Helen and everyone who donated.

Helen's Garden Party for PAW

The Virtual Tour de France!

Friends and colleagues at the Guinness NCHA Partnership based around the UK, were pursuaded to take part in the Tour de France this year - virtually! For a small donation they were 'paired' with a rider and then sent daily messages commenting on their performace and state of fitness. This year no fights broke out in the staff room but cries of 'drugs test!' were heard as people took in yet more caffeine.

For no cost outlay, with thanks to the Board and senior staff at Guinness NCHA for allowing folk the time to send and use the email system, they have raised almost £1,000 to buy the pump we need to convert the hand pump at Mwabvi Gorge to electric and thereby supply water to the new lodge.

John. on the left, our foreman with his team and the new pump

The picture shows the pump, and the team who will be using it at Mwabvi. John, on the left, is our new foreman and is taking English lessons so he can progress - he would like to become the Lodge Manager and do the game walks inside Mwabvi. You can sponsor lessons for one of his colleagues as one of our PAW Gifts .

If you would like to hold a fundraiser, or have other ideas of how you could raise money for PAW, download an Ambassador Pack to help you.


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