Gifts Galore - Different ways to support us!

Stumped for a gift for your brother in law? Buying for someone who has everything?

Or maybe you'd like to furnish someone else's house through your wedding list - someone in Malawi who is helping us protect their home and their land?

You can find the perfect gift here - a donation to PAW through these pages will make the kind of difference you can be proud of!

And you can even help us by shopping at your normal store - buy those killer shoes and prevent someone killing a kudu! Check out the shop to help page?



Help protect Mwabvi. Click on the tree below to buy yourself a baobab and help maintain th diverse habitats inside Mwabvi.

You can feel quietly pleased with yourself that you've actually kept one of your resolutions, just by taking a minute to make a small donation of £5 through our donations site.

The link takes you to our Just Giving page where you can make a donation of £5 (or more of course!). With this we can grow a baobab from seed, look after it as a seedling and transplant it into the Reserve. You may never see the tree but it will be there, playing an important part in maintaining the natural wilderness of Mwabvi.

your own baobab tree for Christmas!









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