PAW in Malawi


In Malawi, we have a newly registered not-for-profit limited company called the Mwabvi Wildlife and Community Trust (MWCT). This organisation is our delivery partner on the ground, and employs over 57 staff members at their base at Chipembere camp, Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve.

PAW and MWCT carry out conservation and development work in and around Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve. MWCT work hand in hand with the Department of National Parks Wildlife team on anti-poaching and access control.

Chipembere Camp is situated on 22 Hectares of land just outside the Reserve entrance.  Chipembere is the Chichewa name for the "Rhinoceros", and Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve was the last place black rhino inhabited Malawi before they were poached out in the 1980s.





  PAW: Promoting environmental conservation and development in Malawi.