Why Mwabvi is Important 

Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve is the smallest of all the national parks of Malawi and one of the last to be issued with a concession by the Government of Malawi. This agreement was entered into between the Government of Malawi and Director National Parks and Wildlife and us Project African Wilderness Trust in 2007.

Our commitment to this Project is to:

  • Increase Eco-Tourism into Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve and the surrounding area with the construction of our new Njati Lodge,
  • Promoting conservation through environmental education and training, 
  • Educate the communities in conservation principles,
  • Research and Monitoring and Enforcing,
  • Protect that which we already have at Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve,
  • Promoting sustainable economic developments,
  • Human and Cultural Development through education,
  • Create job opportunities for the local communities,
  • Provide basic healthcare to the local communities,
  • Provide balanced meals for our orphan programme, 
  • The upgrading of Migudu Camp site,
  • The erection of a 2.6meter electrified game fence around the 137 square km reserve,
  • The introduction of the BIG 5,
  • To increase the game viewing road network within the reserve, 









PAW: Promoting environmental conservation and development in Malawi.