Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve

Ethical arguments advanced to justify the protection of biodiversity have foundations in the “value system” of most religions, philosophies and cultures. These arguments relate to a general respect for LIFE; a reverence for NATURE; a sense of the Beauty, Fragility, Uniqueness, or the antiquity of the living world; or a belief in divine creation (Fisher and van der Wal 2007).

Our conservation work is based in Malawi, which is just north of the Zambesi River and in southern east Africa.

Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve is located in the southern most tip of Malawi in Nsanje District. It is 135 square km, about a third of its original size. Nsanje District is surrounded on 3 sides by Mozambique and the local tribe, the Sena, have many Mozambiqian connections. Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve is 450 km from Lilongwe and 135 km from Blantyre along the M1 road. This remoteness adds to Mwabvi's charm, but if you're looking for a little less travel time access is also possible by air to Bangula Airfield.

Map of Mwabvi


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