Volunteering with Mwabvi Wildlife & Community Trust and PAW

Whether you're looking for a volunteering opportunity in Malawi or in the UK, we have something for you.

Volunteer in the UK

PAW makes use of volunteers, to assist with fund raising and we are always looking for people to help. If you can spare a few hours, or more, of your time to help us raise these funds for our projects in Malawi, then we would like to hear from you. Visit our Volunteering and Events in the UK page to see how you can help.

Volunteer in Malawi

If you'd like to volunteer abroad we have plenty of things for you to do in Malawi.

All our activities in Malawi are run by our sister company the Mwabvi Wildlife and Community Trust . MWCT is a not-for-profit company registered in Malawi which does the day-to-day running of the reserve, as well as Chipembere camp, Njati Lodge, Migudu campsite and of all the projects that we are running in Malawi.

MWCT is run by Barry Kerr (Chairman and Project Director) and his family, who live at Chipembere Camp and who manage all of activities in Malawi. If you would like to spend some time in this beautiful and wild part of the world and help with the work there, Barry, Adele, Kristen, Courtney and Sashawould love to welcome you to 'Chipembere'.

We are looking for:

  • People with skills: If you have experience in any of the following fields we would like to hear from you:
    • Teaching - the people need education, but more important the teachers need training - do you have teacher training skills?
    • Health care - could you help with the local clinic, or train local people to do primary health care
    • Small businesses - could you help local people set up and run businesses
  • working volunteers: if you don't feel that you have the right skills to offer us, don't worry. We always need people to help with the reserve and with our community projects - and it will be the experience of a lifetime for you;
  • students and researchers:  If you are a student or research whose research involves the environment, any aspect of wildlife, third world sociology or economics, or any other field related to the work we are doing, we would be very pleased to welcome you at Mwabvi. Please let us know exactly what field you are working in, it may be that we can provide useful research data, and also the results of your reasearch will most likely be useful to us in our work. We also  offer out own training courses for educational volunteers. 

To find out more and download an information pack, go to the 'Volunteering & Training in Malawi' page, or visit the Mwabvi Wildlife and Community Trust's volunteer website at


Please be aware that we do not offer any paid positions at Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve; therefore you will be there as an unpaid volunteer.     









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