Volunteer with PAW

PAW is always looking for volunteers  to help with event and web based fundraising for our African conservation programme:

  • organising individual fundraising events – small or large!
  • preparing our carbon conservation contract information and corporate sponsor packs
  • writing to potential corporate sponsors for  our carbon conservation contracts and sponsorship
  • finding sponsors and volunteers for our events and challenges
  • updating and extending our contacts database
  • updating and fresh ideas for our website
  • maintaining our Facebook, Myspace, Big Give and Just Giving sites
  • developing an up to date DVD for PAW
  • helping to prepare newsletters and e-letters
  • revising and updating our photo archive

We will give you all of the information you need to be as self reliant or supported as you need.

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Specialised Volunteer Opportunites

Need a career change , taken voluntary redundancy or early retirement ?  If you are in between jobs, we have a 100% track record of helping our volunteers move on to paid employment and are always happy to provide references for your volunteering work.

If you have developed the wisdom that comes with age, please get in touch!

We are currently looking for a small number of very dedicated professional volunteers to co-ordinate and project manage events, our educational projects and recruit new volunteers.

If you are interested or require further information, please call our office at 0161 272 8372 or e-mail us with:

  • brief details of relevant experience and how you could help PAW and
  • which roles you would like to take-on. We are always interested in talking to anyone who has skills and energy - and that most precious of resources, time!

  PAW: Promoting environmental conservation and devlopment in Malawi.