Our Aims and Objectives

Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve is a small and beautiful Reserve of only 135 km2 with over 60,000 people living close to its boundaries in what is a remote part of southern Africa.  Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve is very fragile and has lost most of its animals, so PAW Trust's long term objectives are:

Conservation/ Protection

Our objective is to protect the physical wilderness. This means we fence it to protect the wilderness and the animals - a major task. We repair the tracks, make more trails and provide permanent waterholes inside the wildlife reserve. And we control access, which means we promote the building of a road around the wildlife reserve.

Re introduction of Mammals

Our objective is to repopulate Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve with the animals that used to live there, like Black Rhino and Elephant. Beyond this we obtain animals from other Malawi reserves – but the cost of transportation is high, and we also need to buy in some stock for breeding. We can ‘swap’ our surplus stock over time with other National Parks.

Development and Eco tourism

Our objective is to protect Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve by educating the local and global communities about the reserve and conservation, and by providing immediate benefits for local people. We have upgraded the campsite at Migudu, just inside the wildlife reserve, and built a small self catering lodge close to the Mwabvi Gorge. We also accommodate volunteers and visitors at Chipembere Camp outside the reserve.

Involving local people

The Traditional Authority structure is very important to us, the Group Village Headman and Village Headmen near our base have been very supportive and we respect their traditional decision making processes. Through them, we are able to develop jobs and business opportunities for local people as well as create small comunity projects like health education and vegetable garden schemes.

Developing a major conservation training facility over time

This is for the benefit of Malawi as well as to support our work, and is based on the belief that we can teach small groups of international visitors about Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve and use their payments to fund some of our work. It’s about introducing responsible and controlled tourism.

Promoting education in conservation in the UK and Malawi

We have twinned UK and Malawi universities and have started to develop an education programme with schools and youth groups in the UK. This is part of our long term aim to help protect our global environment. In Malawi, we organise school visits to the reserve for local children, most of whom who have never visited it.


PAW: Promoting environmental conservation and development in Malawi.