Stephen Tompkinson joins PAW 

Stephen Tompkinson with PAW's Gaynor Asquith

 Actor Stephen Tompkinson is our newest PAW Ambassador. He has joined the PAW cause and pledged his support for our Regeneration Challenge in Malawi.

Speaking during a break from performing at the Royal Exchange theatre, he said: "Africa is very close to my heart and having spent months there filming in amongst the wildlife and natural environment, I have seen the benefits of protecting the wilderness. I am happy to become a PAW ambassador and give my support to the regeneration challenge at Mwabvi."

Gaynor Asquith, director of PAW, said: "We are absolutely delighted that Stephen has joined the PAW cause: he knows more than most the immediate dangers facing Africa and that action needs to be taken now." 

Our Regeneration Challenge in Malawi is to bring the Black Rhino back to Mwabvi! It doesn’t sound too big or complicated, but to do this, we will need to use all of the skills we learnt to secure successful large scale regeneration of Manchester. We need skills to protect the environment, improve education, provide new jobs and businesses and work with the local people to agree all of these changes as well as find a lot of money! The long term aim is really to save the Reserve and use it to bring education, training and employment to local people. PAW also plans to teach conservation techniques and game scout skills to both Malawians and international paying visitors and provide a permanent link between Mwabvi and Manchester. 

PAW’s major target for 2008/09 is to construct 100 km of elephant proof electric fence around the Reserve; this will protect the villages and existing animals, and allow the reintroduction of large game, especially the black rhino. 

Having worked in regeneration in Manchester for over 30 years, Gaynor Asquith, Director of PAW, knows better than most the challenges that lie ahead for Mwabvi;

“I have set this challenge to the Manchester business community to help us transfer the lessons, skills and benefits we have seen in this city, to an area far away but greatly in need. We set up Project African Wilderness four years ago in order to protect and regenerate the Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve in Malawi, and we hope this Challenge, with support from high profile personalities such as Stephen, will bring us the funds, publicity and expertise needed to save Mwabvi. We are absolutely delighted that he has joined the PAW cause, he knows more than most the immediate dangers facing Africa and that action needs to be taken now.”


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