school children at Bangula near MwabviOur education programme

PAW Trust works with schools, universities and youth groups in the UK, and Malawi, to promote conservation and teach people about their environment.

Academic Research

We have links with a variety of academic and research organisations. Through our contacts, we have carried out research with the Centre for Social Research (CSR), University of Malawi and the Institute for Development Policy and Management (IDPM), University of Manchester, and hope to work together on a formal research and monitoring programme for Mwabvi.

We have also set up a twinning programme. If you are a student in the UK interested in an exchange with a student in Malawi, please contact us for more information.

We also have contact with other academic institutions including Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Strathclyde and Edinburgh Zoo. If you would like to be included as an institution please contact the UK Team.

Individual research projects

We now have facilities at Mwabvi for individual research projects and are keen to hear from anyone who may have research projects or ideas that will help our work. Although the larger mammals and birds have been recorded, there is still plenty of scope for further research, and the smaller wildlife, flora and insects are largely unresearched.

Our base outside the Wildlife Reserve has accommodation, communications with emergency internet access, and easy access into the Reserve. If you are interested in pursuing research at Mwabvi please contact the Malawi team.

training centre at Chipembere CampThe Conservation Training Centre

Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve will never be a major tourist destination, but it can provide a special form of enterprise to bring visitors and money to the area.

We have now realised our ambition to open a conservation training centre at Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve, with accommodation and lecture facilities at Chipembere Camp. Lessons and on the ground experience are inside the Reserve.

We now have:

  • a base for school visits to the Reserve;
  • facilities for international school and student group visits;
  • training courses in wildlife management that we are working to accredit with the University of Malawi;
  • short courses for international paying visitors to learn about the environment and game scout skills.

If you'd like to know more then check out the volunteering and training section or contact us for more information.  

Secondary School Programme

Interested in creative and fun learning around areas such as the environment, wildlife and different cultures?

PAW runs educational activities and talks, and provides resources in the UK and Malawi to all age groups providing a chance for everyone to learn about the natural world.

We can also help with informal and formal links with schools in Malawi. This linking programme covers both students and educators.

the wooden slotted rhino!If you would like your school to be involved please contact us for more information.

The Rhino Parade!

Schools local to Greater Manchester can take part in our promotion and fundraising as well as education work by decorating on of our slotted wood rhinos - life size! Contact us for more information.




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