We realise how important your donations are for Mwabvi

You donate to PAW because you want your money to make a long term difference to the environment, the people and the local economy in southern Malawi. 

Our promise to you - your money will never be wasted and all the money will go to Mwabvi.  

PAW operates in a business like manner and treats your investment with respect. 

We are an accountable organisation responsible for making your money prosper and grow. We ask for money and resources at Mwabvi, to create a long term positive 'return' that helps both the environment and the local people:

  • PAW has a formal management plan for Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve, agreed with  our stakeholders.
  • We are responsible for implementing it -- and reviewing and revising where necessary to make it work.
  • PAW has a business plan with financial as well as environmental and social targets. Raising money is hard but we aim to maintain and grow our work at Mwabvi over the years.
  • When problems arise, it is down to us to provide solutions -- we are very practical people.
  • PAW has a partnership with others who share the same goals and objectives -- like the Department of National Parks and Wildlife.
  • PAW implements programmes on behalf of others -- like the government with whom we have a formal contract, or Wilmslow Wells who funded boreholes for PAW and local villagers.
  • We utilize money wisely and in accordance with our plan.

PAW is accountable to the government and people of Malawi and to everyone who invests in Mwabvi.

Everyone who invests can see where the money goes, who is spending it and who is benefitting from it.

And you can visit Mwabvi and see for yourelves what PAW is achieving.



PAW: Promoting environmental conservation and development in Malawi.