The Conservation Training Centre

Mwabvi will never be a major tourist destination, but it can provide a special form of enterprise to bring visitors and money to the area.

Our longer term ambition is to open a conservation training centre at Mwabvi, with accommodation and lecture facilities at Chipembere Camp. Lessons and on the ground experience would be inside the Reserve.

We have a fully costed business plan and have already built the accommodation, lecture room and library at Chipembere Camp.

training centre at Chipembere Camp

Once we can equip the centre and fund a Manager, we can train up local people to help run it and then provide:

  • a base for school visits to the Reserve
  • training in game scout skills for Malawians
  • short courses for international paying visitors to learn about the environment and game scout skills.

If you'd like to help us fundraise for the centre, check out the Get Involved pages or contact us for more information.