Our fundraising priorities for the coming year

It costs us £4,000 a month just to keep the small team of people at Mwabvi. And we need more of them! The terrain is rough so maintenance of the Land Rovers is another £4000. We need to complete work at our base, Chipembere Camp, outside of the reserve - another £6,000. PAW Trust is constantly relying on a large number of small donations to keep the team going, alongside financial support from our sponsors arc4 and Barefoot Safaris.

Here is a list of our other priorities for fundraising for the year:

  • Building more roads as firebreaks and access £15,000
  • Clearing the fence-line in conjunction with the National parks team and local community £7,500
  • Communication equipment (2 way radio system) and base set £3,500
  • Two additional water points plus water hole at Migudu £6,500
  • Building of a bridge at Kanyimbi plus new gate house £7,000
  • New Land Rover to utilise in all terrain and seasons £35,000