The Fence

That's 100 km of elephant proof electric fence

Conservation is about protection first and then minimal intervention. At Mwabvi the human activity is currently not just on the boundaries of the reserve but also inside - with roads through the reserve and with wood and game poaching.

PAW Malawi needs to fence the reserve to protect the people and the animals. And with 60,000 people living around the Reserve, we need to enclose the entire perimeter.

Reintroducing the Black Rhino

Our ultimate aim is to reintroduce the black rhino that used to live in Mwabvi. But they need to be protected from poachers, and the villages around the reserve need to be protected from big game.

Elephant proof electric fences are not cheap, and they need constant maintenance. The fence at Mwabvi needs to have 5 strands of electrified wire, be over 2 metres high and have 6 maintenance bases built around the preimeter.

This is a tall order - and not just the black rhino is at stake.

If we don't find the money for the fence, we won't be able to deliver the education, training or employment opportunities for the people around the reserve, the conservation training centre will have no visitors and the wilderness won't be saved.

Help us fund the fence, find out how to do so here.