Our plans for the next 5 years

The priority for the next five years is to address the major problems threatening the survival of the habitat at Mwabvi.  Within this context, PAW in Malawi aims to start re-introduction of species and to start developing the tourism and visitor potential of the Reserve.

The conservation work will tackle the problems of encroaching agricultural activity, harvesting of trees, a high frequency of runaway fires, erosion, poaching, and potentially threatening invader plants.  A systematic approach to tackling these problems has been developed based on a Management Plan for the reserve prepared by expert advisers Ekofocus. And all of this costs!

Examples of some of the capital we need to find, and for which we are fundraising, are:

  • Fencing and electrification of the Reserve £500,000
  • Water holes/ drinking holes for game £5,000
  • Establishing an ecological monitoring programme £6000
  • Implement a cooperation strategy with neighbouring villages £15,000
  • Control of exotic vegetation that poses a threat £2,000
  • Developing & Implementing the Volunteer Programme alongside PAW Malawi £10,000
  • Developing & Implementing the Education Centre alongside PAW Malawi£15,000