Protecting Mwabvi - our priority

We are here because we are passionate about conservation, protecting and enhancing Mwabvi and demonstrating the benefits of conservation through education. So the information here explains the support needed from the UK Trust (Project African Wilderness Trust) to help turn around this threatened area into an asset for the ecology and environment, for the economy of southern Malawi and for the prospects of the local people.

We have focussed on the priorities for funds over the next five years but PAW has a much longer legal agreement with the Malawi government, and so you can also learn about the day to day and long term costs and funds we need.

The PAW Trust is looking for your help to achieve this plan through financial contribution – large and small – through practical help in the UK or Malawi and through promotion of the cause. You can find out how to get involved here .

The Reserve has been neglected for many years and as a result, the eco-system is completely out of balance. Many species of wildlife have long since gone, and some deforestation has taken place. 

game scout amongst sandstone outcrop at Mwabvi










PAW: Promoting environmental conservation and development in Malawi.