We are planning to be at Mwabvi a long time

One of the most important documents that we have is the plan that describes our short medium and long term objectives for conservation. These are used to underpin the Trust's fundraising development plan which is available from our office.

Our fundraising is always for the next priority, but it is important that our supporters know where we are going in the longer term and that we have both hard plans and a vision for Mwabvi. You can find out more on the conservation site .

While we are fundraising for day to day costs, for the fence or for further water holes, we are also looking for sponsors for items like boma (big pen) construction for Game introduction, and for the following: 

  • Introduction of rare game species like blue wildebeast 
  • Introduction of general game species 
  • Potential incorporation of the adjacent forest reserve
  • Introduction of predators like leopard
  • Developing future tourist facilities especially a small lodge.
sunset behind a Mwabvi baobab tree