Not three but four lions cubs arrive at Mwabvi  

After the sadness of Moran's sudden death, Barry and Adele are all smiles again following the arrival of not three but four beautiful new lion cubs.

Sanka, the male, and his sisters Sya and Shiro, are tawny lions (half white, half brown). They will be four months old on 14th May and were donated to PAW by Kevin Richardson, the "Lion Whisperer" who runs the Lion Kingdom , a sanctuary for over 50 big cats just outside Johannesburg.

As well as these three, Barry also managed to get a pure white lion cub called Tango from Lion Park in South Africa, the same place that Amayi and Moran came from.

All four arrived at Chipembere camp on 28th April, and seem none the worse for their long journey from South Africa. They have their own enclosure for the moment as Amayi needs time to get used to the idea of having a new family. Once they are about a year old we hope that Sanka will join Amayi as her new mate, and that Tango will get together with one of the two girls. As we now have three lots of completely unrelated cubs, it's an ideal opportunity to broaden the gene pool and make a success of our breeding programme. Fingers crossed!

Our four new cubs are going to need lots of care and plenty of food - a young lion needs 5Kg of fresh meat every day as well as special milk formula and Predator Powder, which is vitamin and mineral substitute. So if you would like to help us by sponsoring the new lion cubs please get in touch , or donate online .  


Why not give someone a gift of one of our special cub certificates

For just £20.00 you can help look after one of our cubs and support the long term conservation of predators at Mwabvi and development of the local communities. You can choose from our two girls, Shiro and Sya, our tawny male cub Sanka, or our magnificent white Tango. To see more images of the cubs go to our facebook and choose whichever you think is the cutest.

We’ll send you certificate with an image of your chosen lion and some more information about PAW by post or by email. If you order by post the certificate comes as scroll, gift-wrapped in a handsome box.


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