A sad farewell to Moran the lion 

On Thursday 3rd March Moran, the male of our two half-white lions went off his food and started a temperature. Barry took advice from Richard, the vet at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre as well as vets in Italy and the UK and vets he knows in South Africa who specialise in big cats but was unable to get a positive diagnosis, and on Friday Moran became worse, not eating at all and with a higher temperature.

We arranged for Raman, a big cat specialist who has worked with Barry before, to fly up from South Africa on Saturday 5th March, with all the drugs we might need.

On Saturday afternoon Raman tranquilised Moran and he went to sleep. Half an hour into administering the drip to re-hydrate him he stopped breathing but Raman started his breathing again by inserting a needle into Moran’s nose to stimulate his breathing and they got Moran back from the brink. However without facilities to do proper blood analysis or X-rays diagnosis was impossible.

Barry and Kristen were by his side 24 hours a day, but on Sunday he never recovered conciousness so on Monday it was decided to take him to Blantyre where arrangements had made made to perform an operation. However the trip was too much and he died on the way to Blantyre.

We are all heartbroken. He was a beautiful animal with a wonderful personality, and to have lived such a short life was a tragedy, although it was certainly a happy one.

Funds urgently needed

We at PAW must now put aside our grief and concentrate on the practicalities. Our efforts to save Moran have seriously depleted our reserves of cash - the vet will have cost us over 4000 euros, including his flight and expenses, and of course we want to find another partner for Amayi, but that will cost us another 6,000 euros. If you can help us in any way, great or small, please get in touch, or make a donation online.