News Updates From Mwabvi -Malawi 

Edition 12 of 2010

This is a page dedicated to the up to date work of all that is happening here at Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve, both on the Conservation and Outreach/Extension work. Adele and I will be keeping everyone informed on the day to day activities that take place in and around Mwabvi. 


Our New Volunteer website is up and running


Sad News from Chipembere Camp 

On Saturday 18 September 2010 at around 18H00 while sitting around chatting with Gaynor after work, Lester (one of the staff) came running into Chipembere and informed us our Land Rover was on fire. By the time we got out to it, it was totally burnt out.

New Arrival

 Our new arrival is getting big and putting on weight with his new milk formula which we brought in from South Africa.

 Moran and Amayi Update.

Both Moran and Amayi are getting really big and Moran is starting to grow his mane. We are still awaiting delivery of the 30mm flat bar to mount the welded mesh to the pillars so that we can finish the perimeter fence before they can be moved to the new enclosure.





  We have another addition to the Chipembere team which arrived last week. He is a 10 day old Grey Duiker which has been bottle fed on goat milk by Adele.



Marco and Stefania are on their way back to Italy and had a really great and productive time here with us. They helped with the finishing of the roof for the Lions nigh quarter as well as the roof for the orphan building. Marco painted a really nice picture in the Volunteers kitchen and they both helped finish fitting the screens in the windows of the kitchen. In the reserve they surveyed some new roads in the East and also helped with the new ceiling in the lodge. They also helped with the new road signs which will be located at various points on the new roads.

Both Marco and Stefania have really fallen in Love with Mwabvi and our project and will be returning to Italy to help us with fund raising in Europe. They will also be returning to Mwabvi on a more permanent basis in the near future.  



The Outlook Expedition have moved on to their next project, and have been a great help with the clean-up in and around the construction of the new Lion Enclosure and also the with clearing of the perimeter of the new Land we have just purchased in order to accommodate all the new developments here at Chipembere.


  This is a Picture submitted to us via e-mail from Mark Jones who spent the weekend at the Lodge with his family. This picture of the Sable was taken on one of his game drives here at Mwabvi on the weekend of the 23-24 July 2010. 



The network of roads will be a regular insert into this page update as this will continue through the year with new roads being constructed daily. I have decided to insert a Google map image so that everyone can see our progress on a weekly basis.

White Lines   - Boundary of the Reserve

Yellow Lines    -Old existing roads in the Reserve

Green Lines    - New roads constructed in the Reserve

These roads serve the following Purpose:  

  • To allow both us and the game scouts easy access to the entire Reserve, to monitor game and for the scouts to do their regular anti-poaching patrols;

  • To allow access to previously inaccessible areas in the dry seasons so that we may better control and fight fires in the Reserve;

  • To enable visitors and guests better opportunities of viewing game within the Reserve and access to inaccessible areas;

  • To enable visitors and guests to move easily through the Reserve in the wet season;

  • Allow easy access to our Research sites located around the Reserve;

  • Allow Rangers access to any part of the perimeter fence once it has been erected;

  •  More scenic drives through the Reserve to Migudu Camp site, Njati Lodge, our various new walking trails and our range of Hides in the Reserve.