New bicycle ambulance for Chipembere 

Bicycle ambulance at Chipembere

Being sick in Malawi is no fun, especially if you live in a rural area. There is an excellent clinic in Bangula, but if you live in one of the villages around the Mwabvi Reserve Bangula may be many miles away, and with just a bicycle or no transport at all that is a big problem.

Adele Kerr has already improved the lives of the local people enormously by providing wound care and malaria testing at Chipembere camp, and for the seriously ill she can provide transport to the clinic in one of the PAW vehicles. However, fuel is expensive even in Malawi, and we do not always have a vehicle to spare.

But Ranjani Supplies in Blantrye have now come up trumps. they have agreed to sponsor two bicycle amulances. These will make a huge difference, allowing a family member to transport a sick relative quickly and easily to the local clinic, or even to hospital.

The first bicycle arrived at Chip Camp today, and the second will be arriving sometime in May.

Many thanks to Ranjani Supplies for this generous gift.

If you would like to sponsor a bicycle ambulance, or just help with basic medical supplies for our wound care programme, please contact us, or donate online .