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  • Annual General Meeting 2011

    1st Dec 2011

    The Project African Wilderness Annual General Meeting will be held at the offices of Trafford Housing Trust, Sale Point, 126-150 Washway Road, Sale M33 6AG on Saturday18 th February 2012 at 3pm ...more

  • Gaynor Asquith 1952-2011

    Gaynor Asquith 1952-2011

    14th Nov 2011

    It is with great sadness that we have to report that Gaynor Asquith passed away peacefully on Saturday 12th November 2011 after a short illness. Gaynor was the driving force behind Project African Wilderness for nearly ten years and built it up from an idea to what it is today. Her indomitable spirit and huge vision have been an...more

  • School raises over £1500 for PAW

    5th Oct 2011

    Project African Wilderness would like to say a huge thank-you to Highworth Grammar School in Kent. In summer 2010 a small group of pupils from the school visited Malawi and spent a week with us at Mwabvi as part of a longer Outlook Expedition. They stayed with Barry and Adele and the team at Chipembere Camp, were very helpful and we...more

  • Our volunteers and workers in Malawi and the UK

    Our volunteers and workers in Malawi and the UK

    22nd Aug 2011

    We are really proud of all the work our volunteers are doing for us at the moment, both out in Malawi and here in the UK. Neil, our longest standing volunteer in Malawi, had a break in the UK after his first six months, and is now back, with a brand new and very fancy camera, for another six months. He just can't get enough....more

  • PAW is moving...

    PAW is moving...

    26th Jun 2011

    After eight years happily ensconced in Beehive Mill, we're upping sticks and moving - but not very far. Our new office is at: The PAW Trust Raven House 113 Fairfield Street Manchester M12 6EL The email addresses are just the same - check the contacts page for all details. ...more

  • 4x4 truck has made it to Mwabvi

    4x4 truck has made it to Mwabvi

    14th May 2011

    There has been a mountain of organisation, several miles of red tape, a rainforest-worth of paperwork and several sleepless nights for Gaynor and the team, but finally this magnificent MAN 4x4 truck is on its way to MWCT in Malawi . None of this would have happened without the help of many people, most especially Mark Forsyth at MAN...more

  • Not three but four lion cubs arrive at Mwabvi

    Not three but four lion cubs arrive at Mwabvi

    3rd May 2011

    After the sadness of Moran's sudden death, Barry and Adele are all smiles again following the arrival of not three but four beautiful new lion cubs. Sanka, the male, and his sisters Sya and Shiro, are tawny lions (half white, half brown). They will be four months old on 14th May and were donated to MWCT by Kevin Richardson, the...more

  • New vet centre completed in record time

    New vet centre completed in record time

    25th Apr 2011

    We were very excited to hear the news that the new veterinarian building has been completed in record time. The clinic is purpose-built with isolated rooms for quarantining and fenced enclosures on both side to allow the animals access to fresh air and excercise. It will initially be used as a temporary enclosure for the four new...more

  • New bicycle ambulance for Chipembere

    New bicycle ambulance for Chipembere

    21st Apr 2011

    Being sick in Malawi is no fun, especially if you live in a rural area. There is an excellent clinic in Bangula, but if you live in one of the villages around the Mwabvi Reserve Bangula may be many miles away, and with just a bicycle or no transport at all that is a big problem. Adele Kerr has already improved the lives of the...more

  • New veterinary centre under construction

    New veterinary centre under construction

    3rd Apr 2011

    Moran's sudden illness and untimely death while on the way to the veterinarian hospital at Blantyre - two hours drive away - made us realise that if we were going to be able to care for animals in sickness as well as in health we needed to have facilities close at hand. With this in mind Barry has decided to construct a veterinary...more

  • A silver lining - three new lion cubs are on their way

    A silver lining - three new lion cubs are on their way

    13th Mar 2011

    We were all devastated by the sudden and untimely death of Moran our male lion. However, we now have some good news. Barry and Adele have been in contact with Kevin Richardson, the man known as "The Lion Whisperer ", who runs the Lion Kingdom , a sanctuary for over 50 big cats just outside Johannesburg and whose videos on uTube ...more

  • A sad farewell to Moran the white lion

    A sad farewell to Moran the white lion

    4th Mar 2011

    On Thursday 3 rd March Moran, the male of our two half-white lions went off his food and started a temperature. Barry took advice from Richard, the vet at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre as well as vets in Italy and the UK and vets he knows in South Africa who specialise in big cats but was unable to get a positive diagnosis, and on Friday...more

  • New 4x4 truck for Mwabvi

    New 4x4 truck for Mwabvi

    4th Feb 2011

    Following the fire at Mwabvi which destroyed one of our Land Rovers, finding a new 4x4 vehicle for transport within the reserve has been a top priority - and now we've found one. MAN, the German vehicle manufacturer who supply the British army have come up trumps, with an ex-demo four ton people carrier in immaculate condition and...more

  • Hand-knitted jumpers

    Hand-knitted jumpers

    25th Jan 2011

    The ladies of Lincolnshire have been very busy recently - knitting. Judith Withyman, district councillor for Pinchbeck, and her friends have knitted over 300 jumpers and distributed them to charities working with children in Africa. When Judith (seen here with PAW. volunteer Kate Mitchell) heard about the work of Project African Wilderness,...more

  • The lions' new enclosure

    The lions' new enclosure

    18th Jan 2011

    Our two lions can no longer be called cubs - they were one year old this month and received a very special birthday present - a wonderful new home. It's taken many months and suffered a few setbacks along the way, but the new enclosure at Chipembere camp is now finished. The local people have been enormously generous with allowing...more

  • Latest News From Mwabvi

    Latest News From Mwabvi

    4th Mar 2010

    This is a page dedicated to the up to date work of all that is happening here at Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve, both on the Conservation and Outreach/Extension work. Adele and I will be keeping everyone informed on the day to day activities that take place in and around Mwabvi. Our New Volunteer website is up and running ...more








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