The new 4x4 truck makes it all the way from Tewkesbury to Mwabvi 

The MAN truck

There has been a mountain of organisation, several miles of red tape, a rainforest-worth of paperwork and several sleepless nights for Gaynor and the team, but finally our magnificent MAN 4x4 truck is on its way to Malawi.

None of this would have happened without the help of many people, most especially Mark Forsyth at MAN Truck & Bus, and a huge thank you to Paul Gowan of the RAC, who has steered us through the minefield of bureaucracy involved with exporting and transporting a vehicle to Malawi.

Following many different plans, some feasible, some whacky (including one where we drove it from the UK to Mwabvi ourselves) the final itinerary was to have the truck shipped to Durban, South Africa, where it would be met by Barry, aided by our intrepid partners from MWCT Italia, who would drive it all the way up through South Africa and Mozambique, to arrive at Mwabvi sometime late May. The ship was delayed and Barry ended up making the journey alone. We think he should write a book about his travels!

 Track The Truck Here

The Serenity AceWatch this space for regular updates on its progress:

14/05/2011: on board the cargo vessel Serenity Ace heading for Cotonou in Benin, arriving on Wednesday 18th May. You can track its progress at  - just put Serenity Ace in the box.

01/06/2011. Unfortunately we weren't able to track the Serenity Ace once it got south of the med., but we have now heard that it arrived safely at Durban, and that our truck has been picked up and is even now on its long journey up to Malawi.

05/06/2011. Out truck has now reached Limpopo Province, the northernmost province of South Africa, where it is picking up a set of game viewing seats. From there it will cross into Botswana and head north through Zimbabwe and Mozambique and finally Malawi.

06/06/2011. The truck has now crossed the border into Botswana and is en route to Francis Town .

07/06/2011. The truck has now reached Harare in Zimbabwe.

08/06/2011. We made it. Our magnificent 4x4 has reached its new home in Mwabvi. Apparently it left Harare at 4am local time, and arrived at Mwabvi at 7pm, a drive of around 700Km. Needless to say the intrepid driver has gone straight to bed!

Barry receives a hero's welcome from Kristen and AdeleTHE MAN truck at its new home at Mwabvi