Carbon Conservation

A major alternative to carbon offsetting

There are over 17 million trees in Mwabvi.

PAW wants to make sure they are there in 100 years time.

We can enter into a carbon conservation contract with your company to protect the land, the trees and promote the alternative technology we need to deliver protection and conservation at Mwabvi.

Recently publications and reports have drawn attention to the fact that deforestation contributes around 20 percent to global total Green House Gas emissions and is the largest source of emissions from developing countries. We hope that avoiding deforestation will soon become an internationally recognised form of offsetting.There have been concerns about the permanence of projects. Credits provided to projects that protect pieces of forests may merely shift the pressure to other nearby forests and their future is not necessarily guaranteed. PAW has a permanent base and long term agreement with the Department of National Parks to protect the reserve, and we aim longer term to take in the adjacent forest reserve to our protective custody. And we will hold talks with the government to see if this idea can be extended on a national basis.

Avoided deforestation may represent an opportunity for substantial and potentially low cost carbon mitigation and holds the potential for other benefits including biodiversity, watershed, and soil conservation. In terms of sustainable development it has the potential to benefit rural and forest dwelling populations if well designed and implemented.

We hope you continue to look for ways to reduce your carbon footprint. But as well as this, PAW at Mwabvi can give you a real opportunity to work against carbon loss. Your sponsorship can support environmental management and conservation to protect the natural resources and make sure your children will be able to see a Black Rhino on the ground, not just in a photograph.

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