The Manchester Regeneration Challenge

The challenge is to get a Black Rhino back to Mwabvi. And to do that we must protect the reserve with a fence, increase our qualified team on the ground and equip them to look after the rhino.

Our home base is Manchester, UK. Our main corporate sponsors, arc4, are regeneration experts. They can see the similarities between the needs of any major regeneration programme, whether in an old industrial nation, or in a remote rural area of Malawi. We need a plan that covers the environment, the people and the economy. So we have a development plan for Mwabvi and have challenged the regeneration companies and agencies around Manchester to find the money to make it happen. Join the challenge now, contact us for more information or download the pack below.

The warm heart of Africa needs support from the warm heart of the North   

Why should you be involved?

Malawi is known as the warm heart of Africa. Here at PAW, we believe Manchester is the warm heart of the North. Now is the chance to show the world why.

Our work relies on our friends, supporters and volunteers, without your support our work would stop. 98% of your money will go direct to the people and places that need it most.

Getting involved with PAW is easy. We have a number of support packages but equally we would be delighted to design a package of involvement with you that directly fits with your company or organisation.

Become a PAW Corporate Sponsor - ‘A friend of Malawi   

Gold: £10,000 + per annum

As a gold standard corporate supporter, you will be one of our most treasured friends. By becoming a gold standard PAW support you will be helping not only the endangered animals of Malawi but local people and the fragile environment of the Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve. £10,000+ can make a huge difference in Malawi and will help provide jobs and training for local people, protect the wonderful environment of Mwabvi, creating a safe haven for wildlife.   

Silver: £5,000+ per annum

As a silver corporate supporter, you will be making an enormous contribution to our regeneration programme in the Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve. Your support will be making a crucial difference, providing vital funds that enable us to protect the wildlife and environment of Malawi and support local communities in the area.  

Bronze: £1,000+ per annum

As a bronze corporate supporter you will be helping PAW continue its vital work in the Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve. Your support will be directed towards our educational programme and to support the maintenance of the reserve, ensuring the wildlife continues to thrive.  

Find out more about Malawi and our challenge in this document:



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